How to fix the Evo 4g Purple Camera issue

I have been using the HTC EVO 4g for quite some time now, almost 2 years. I have never really had any issues with it, and it has always been a reliable phone. Unfortunately, due to my hacking adventures with it, a few months ago, my phone shut down, and would not turn on, it would simply show the HTC logo screen, turn off, and do it again. It wouldnt let me put it into recovery, or respond to any of my commands. I bit the bullet and took it in to Sprint, and they gave me a replacement. Unfortunately, the replacement after a month or two began to show a strange purple tinge, and it got worse and worse. I flashed different roms to the phone, thinking it may be a software issue, but it did not help. I finally took it into the store, and they confirmed that it was a hardware issue and fixed it in just a few minutes. A few days ago I had the same issue, and I did not want to go to the store, since the wait is ridiculous, so I started looking online for the answer, and lo and behold, I found it! Read on to see what fixed it!

LogMeIn Free for Web & LogMeIn Ignition for Android, iPad & iPhone

Today I am here to talk about LogMein Free for web and LogMeIn Ignition app for Android, iPad and iPhone. If you are not fimlar with LogMeIn, let me explain to you what it is. LogMeIn is a great tool that allows you to remotely control a PC or Mac from a web browser, android device, iPad or iPhone. I personally use both the LogMeIn Free web and LogMeIn ignition app for my iPad and Android phone everyday!

LogMeIn web is free and is very convenient for anyone IT or not, I use it all the time in the office. I can remotely support my staff from any computer with a web browser. This is great for anyone who needs to access their computer at work or home from just any computer!  The user interface is very user friendly and easy to use. The free version has plenty of features and tools for you to use, it supports multiple monitors, command such as CTRL + ALT + DELTE, monitor blanking, Wake on LAN, chat support, even a laser pointer to help you show the host user certain things on the screen. The pro version does offer some more functionality such as remote printing, file transfer, ect…. Over all I would say LogMeIn free is one of the best services out there for remote support. Read on for info on their mobile app. 

Android App Review – Google+ Mobile App

Well, what a busy few days it has been! Working on the Google+ social network has been great, and part of the reason is their awesome mobile app! These past few days I have been using the Android app, and it has all but replaced Facebook for me. Keep reading for my impressions.

The App is simple and straightforward, and keeps me up to date on what is going on in the world of Google plus. Plus, it has one of my new favorite features, instant upload! When you snap a photo on your phone, it is instantly uploaded to the cloud, and you can then later share it with your friends. I have found a con with this, and it is that when you mount your android device and copy image files over to your phone, ALL those photos are treated as new pictures and are uploaded to picasa. This is bad because I had to remove all my pictures yesterday, and then I readded them to the memory card in a different folder and they began to upload, using up my battery with all the network communication. I had to uninstall Google+ Mobile and re-install it so that it would ignore all pre-existing images. It would be nice if they included an option to instant upload that would allow you to ignore images prior to right now. Other than that, it worked quite smoothly. Keep reading for my impressions.

Thank you for your patience!

Wow! The wait has been worth it! Over the past few days, we have slowly transitioned from shared hosting with Bluehost over to a Dedicated Virtual host, and now to completely new name and redesign! We could not be more excited! What does that mean for you, the reader? Well, you should notice a DRAMATIC increase in speed on our website. Instead of being on a server with thousands of other sites, we share it with maybe a hundred or so sites. This means more bandwidth for us! It also means that you will be seeing many more posts as we put AZ Cloud Tech into overtime and start posting! There are a few more changes that are going to be rolled out over the coming days.

1. Complete logo redesign. Our new logo takes into account love for the Cloud! The Digital cloud that is! Also it is the Logo of our parent company, AZ Cloud Tech, a Web Development and Tech Support Company located in Tucson AZ (where there is usually a complete lack of clouds! 🙂 )

2. Site redesign. We are going to be changing our site to reflect our new commitment to tech news.

3. Guest writers. Are you a blogger that is looking for some exposure? Write an article for us, and we could feature it! We will be putting more information up regarding what we are looking for!

And that is all folks! Thanks again for bearing with us with all of our DNS errors, and PHP issues, but we are back, and better than ever!

Google Plus Invite! [Updated First Look]

We just got our grimy little paws on a Google + invite! We will be doing an indepth review of it here! If you want an invite, leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to send you one!

Edit: So here is our first look at Google+. I have broken it down to the different sections that make up the Google+ service.

Samsung Chromebook up for early sale

Many of the participants of the Chrome Pilot program today received an email granting them early access to purchase a Samsung Chromebook Series 5. It is for sale at but as of right now, with a sticker price of $499.00. It currently only comes in Artic white, and comes with a custom chrome sleeve (not really that nice). As of right now, only people that participated in the Chrome Pilot program are eligible, which to me makes no sense, because if you already have a Chromebook (and know that it is not as powerful as a full featured laptop), then why would you buy a $500 laptop?

Sprint Google Voice Integration Review

Sprint, you have made me proud. They have taken a leap of faith, that I think will eventually pay off! What leap am I talking about? Why, the integration of Google Voice into their services of course! This to me is a game changing idea! Putting your phone account into the customers hands. With Google voice, you’re able to save your voicemails (as many as you want!) get them transcribed, send free text messages, and make multiple phones ring at the same time.  I was granted Beta access, and today, the day of public release, I will be posting my thoughts on the service below. Read on for more!

iPhone App Review – Evie App makes driving and Facebooking a breeze!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Evie. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you seen the Super bowl ad for the Cevy Cruze? The one with the couple that kissed? If not, take a moment to view it, and you will see that the Ad centers around the Cruze being able to read out your posts to you live and in the car. The drawback? You have to buy a new car! Now, you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars to get that functionality.

How to One touch dub VHS to DVD on the Sony RDR-VX525

Wow! What an amazing aggravating machine! I have spent almost an hour fighting with the Sony RDR-VX525, trying to get it to One Touch dub a stupid VHS tape to dvd! Ok, let me backtrack a little bit. My family purchased an RDR-VX525 a little under 3 months ago, brand new from Amazon. We were really excited because our garage is the elephant graveyard of VHS tapes. We have hundreds and hundreds of VHS cassette tapes stacked in mountains, almost to the ceiling! We wanted to put a dent in that stack, and shrink them down to DVD size. Well, let me tell you, it is a frustrating experience.

Android App Review – Download All Files

One of the things that keeps android from completely replacing a computer, is the fact that it doesnt support every file format out there. While this is technically a good thing, as I don’t want to be editing a photoshop file on my phone, it would be nice to be able to download said photoshop file from my gmail and use the memory card on my phone as a temporary storage.